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Colorado Americana music by Dewey Paul Moffitt. JJ Cale Tribute CD. Bohemian Ghosts memoir author. Several albums worth of originals plus covers that range from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and JJ Cale to Grateful Dead and beyond. True tales of a modern day psychedelic adventurer in the vein of Kerouac, Wolfe, Bukowski, and Robbins. A memoir that chronicles the authors many adventures in the psychedelic Grateful Dead and Jam Band scene (Allmans, Phish, Panic, Blues Traveler, Pfunk). From his parking lot days to working backstage, the book examines how that wild counter-culture world impacted his early adult years and allowed him to discover his passion for the concert industry. 

"Bohemian Ghosts" signed Book


"Bohemian Ghosts" signed Book

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Signed and numbered, 3rd cover edition of Dewey's memoir.

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Not to be missed!

Dewey has written a book that touches on all the wild and heady times of following the Grateful Dead and beyond. Romance, music, and friends cavort throughout this beautiful and exhilarating tale. I loved it and I have read them all. Not to be missed!

— Hamlin J. Endicott, Owner GRATEFUL DEAD BOOKS LLC

Couldn't put it down!

Amazing! Read it cover to cover in 12 hours!!!

— Kendra Alicia Burnett, Amazon review

A must-have for the rock fan or Deadhead completist in your life!

What a wild ride! Follow the author from adolescent adventures smoking a joint in the parking lot with WASP to LSD-soaked cross-country rambles to follow the Dead. A romantic tale, both in terms of dating and because the author leads with his heart, adhering to a “follow your bliss” credo come hell or high water. And come they do! Misadventure as often as adventure, this epic coming-of-age story is sure to be a treat for any one who is a fan of rock n roll or free spirits.

— Charles, Amazon review

A different spin on Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" 

I am biased since I knew the author way back when, but I really enjoyed this collection of anecdotes that trace his life so far. It’s a different spin on Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”. The reader gets an honest, inside look at some of the music world that we only get to see in movies.

— Harry C., Amazon review

Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this! 

This was really fun to read! The trials and tribulations of life on the road are met with persistent optimism and a tireless search for bliss in the real world. What a wild ride! Entertaining, fast moving, well written, and not without imparting some wisdom!

— William, Amazon review

Love your Book...Read 1/2 of it in one sitting—Excellent Writing

— David, Facebook review

The current jam-band fan will find something to love here…

If you ever hit the road yourself, or wanted to, this author shares all the nitty-gritty with the world. The Dead precipitated many a departure from home, and all went on a journey unlike any other. The seeker, the former tour-head, the current jam-band fan will all find something to love here, and perhaps, conjure up memories of one’s own, long-forgotten.

— Denco, Amazon review

Along for a long strange trip!

A very enjoyable memoir- I was surprised at how engaged I became in the protagonists’ trials, tribulations and eventual redemption. A lot of brushes with fame without being gossipy or indiscreet. A good read that leaves you wanting to hear more stories from this author. Recommend to anyone who was part of that subculture in that era. It all rings true here.

— Leanna Randall, Amazon review

Writing is compelling and it's a pretty quick read...

Full disclosure: I’ve known the author for quite some time. However, there is a huge amount about him which I didn’t know. It was fascinating to read about his adventures, and contemplate that we probably crossed paths long before we knew each other. The writing is compelling and it’s a pretty quick read. Glad to count Dewey as among my friends!

Once again, I look forward to our yearly jam in Denver and Boulder for the Last Waltz Revisited. We’ll be rocking the Fillmore!

— Thomas Johnson, Amazon review

Great read!

Great adventure through a world I know well. You really end up rooting for Dewey in the way he leads with his heart through the many varied exploits of his life. Well written.

— Colorado Head, Amazon review

Fun and Entertaining

Entertaining read. I don’t read much but I found this book to be easy to read while being entertaining and fun. Going along with Dewey’s ups and downs in his life’s adventures made me feel like I was right there with him on the road.

— David B. Sockrider, Amazon review