Dewey Paul Band

Colorado Americana Music

Colorado Americana music by Dewey Paul Moffitt. JJ Cale Tribute CD. Bohemian Ghosts memoir author. Several albums worth of originals plus covers that range from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and JJ Cale to Grateful Dead and beyond. True tales of a modern day psychedelic adventurer in the vein of Kerouac, Wolfe, Bukowski, and Robbins. A memoir that chronicles the authors many adventures in the psychedelic Grateful Dead and Jam Band scene (Allmans, Phish, Panic, Blues Traveler, Pfunk). From his parking lot days to working backstage, the book examines how that wild counter-culture world impacted his early adult years and allowed him to discover his passion for the concert industry. 





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All instruments performed by Dewey Paul Moffitt.

Written by John W. Cale. 

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